Thursday, 24 September 2015

My Microadventure kit list

Over the past nine months Lee (@1MansAdventuresand I have been undertaking a monthly 
Forgot a spoon.... Doohhh
#microadventure. Although we missed one together in August (I was busy with DIY, kids school holidays and had been out for several separate trips) we plan to make up for it in the next few months. Our next trip will be an bike trip down the Shipwrights way to Hayling Island. I thought I would take the time to go through my kit list. The below list is divided up as a base list on which I then add more personal item or weather/distance specific items. As the majority of our adventures have been bike related I’ve added a bike specific section.  
I do like to mix up my kit, so sometimes I take different kit like a gas stove or sometimes a wood burning stove just to try new things and to test out new ideas. You can get away with less, but this is what has kept me comfortable on my trips.

Basic Kit
Rucksack – depending on extras, either Osprey Talon 22, Camelback Hawg or Berghaus 35+ (ideally as light as possible)
Sleeping bag (Mountain equipment down bag)
Bivi Bag (Alpkit hunka XL)
Roll mat (Thermarest) 
Stove and lighter – Gas bottle, lighter, burner and support feet all fit inside the mug
Mug (titanium) – ohhh shiny
Pot (MSR stowaway 775ml)
Thermal shield - helps shield the stove also nice to sit on
Food – Snacks in the side pockets, evening meal (packet sauces and rice work well and squash into the cooking pot. Breakfast is normally porridge).
Water – Currently a camelback and a water bottle but once the frame bag arrives I’ll drop the water bottle.
Head Torch (Alpkit manta)
Waterproof (Rab) - although not bike specific it’s easier to have one with a hood if it’s raining in the evening
Toilet paper – enough said
Travel spade - as above
Plastic bin bag – For keeping your bag, shoes and goods dry overnight
Tooth brush and paste
Spork – Forgot this once and had to fashion something out of an egg custard tart wrapper and a tent peg.
Basic First Aid Kit
Buff – versatile headwear at its best
Portable power pack – keep the phone topped up overnight.
Hip flask – Relax, drink, sleep well
Phone / camera
Hat – keeps your warm in the evening and overnight

Bike Kit
Bike – Obvious really
Dry bag (Alpkit dual 20L) - on handlebars with sleeping bag and bivi bag stuffed in
Seat bag (Topeak Aero) – Multi tool, puncture kit, tyre levers spare tubes, spare mech hanger / split links
Bike Shorts/ jersey/ socks
Bike Shoes
Bike Lights

Nice extras
Sleeping Stuff – Clean/ dry stuff to sleep in
Sunscreen – I’m ginger, I can burn next to a candle
Sunglasses – Like vampires, bright light kills gingers
Drybag  - Keeps the rucksack dry and items organised
Fleece jumper - toasty warm
Spare socks / gloves – feels like heaven when everything else is wet.
Paracord – for rigging the tarp
Pegs – As above
Down Jacket – keeps you warm in the cold months and packs down small
Waterproof trousers
Maps/GPS – Lost? No this is just a detour
Map case
Leggings/ fleece/socks/ arm warmers – mainly in the colder months
Fire lighting kit

Dry bags are really useful, not only for keeping out the rain but also for keeping stuff organised. I find it better to have several small ones and keep similar items together. It makes it much easier to grab one bag with all your fresh clothes in than trying to find a dry t shirt at the bottom of your bag while everything else spills everywhere.

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