Thursday, 9 April 2015


Spending a fair amount of time outside takes it toll on equipment; especially in the winter months.
The mud and rain soon find the weaknesses of your equipment and you find what lasts and what doesn’t.

My reviews are what works for me, they might not work for you, but they should help inform your decisions.

As a general rule, there is very little equipment I have used that’s been truly terrible. I’d like to think that’s because I take time researching what I want to buy.

I don't like to waste money, so value (that’s getting good usage from something for the price you pay) is the most important factor.

One thing that frustrates me about some reviews is that they give products a low rating for one small minor niggle then the next product a much higher rating with a host of failings; or worse they say something is the best ever and then next year they're criticising it for a major failing that ‘everyone knew about’.  I’m going to try and be more logical in my reviews so I'm going to include an explanation of how I rate things:

Something’s wrong. Possibly a design flaw or a major weakness.

OK – one or two faults, I’d probably not worth buying it.

Worth considering

Very good – for the money


I should also point out that I may go back and amend a rating if something new comes to light, perhaps a failure further down the road.

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